Monday, April 21, 2008

Baseball players have ADD?

Very interesting article from Newsweek highlighting how many baseball players may be switching from amphetamines (since they're now banned) to ADD medication. I haven't heard anyone in any baseball circles or on any blogs mentioning this, so I feel like this has simply yet to gather attention. It's certainly an interesting idea and I would definitely believe it. Heck, from talking about ADD in my psych class this semester, some college kids use Ritalin in order to help focus for studying and tests. Apparently having ADD is very profitable on campuses, as everyone wants to get some Ritalin or Adderall. So if college kids are using it, why not pro athletes?

That's so depressing, though. Why can't athletes just be content with the skills they naturally have? Oh, that's right...

$$ *bling bling!* $$

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Joe Cook said...

Adam Laroche actually has ADD. ESPN the Magazine had an article on him a while ago that detailed it. John Smoltz said he used to have to yell at Laroche in between pitches to get him to focus and to remind him of the game situation.