Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lidge injured in batting practice

I admit it's never proper to take pleasure in a person injuring themselves. However, after several days of hearing Phillies fans tell me that their pitching staff is fixed with Myers moving back to the rotation and Lidge being inserted into the 'pen, I couldn't help but chuckle when I read today that Brad Lidge reinjured the knee he had surgery on four months ago. Apparently he got a spike caught on his first pitch of batting practice.

I don't expect this Lidge injury is serious; he will probably take several days off, which may put him slightly behind schedule for conditioning and arm-strengthening, but nothing major. The most severe trauma Lidge is going to suffer this year is the first homerun he gives up in the tiny sardine can that is Citizen's Bank Park. Granted those Albert Pujols homeruns that broke down his confidence were hit to left field in Houston, which can be a chip shot itself. But those Pujols shots were anything but chips. They were bombs. Still, let's see how Lidge reacts when his ERA is hovering around 6 due to cheap homers to the corners in Philly.



It was revealed today that Lidge will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee, and will miss 3-6 weeks. So the injury is more serious than I originally believed. Three weeks would still allow him a few appearences in Spring Training. However, if 6 weeks is more accurate, he could miss the start of the regular season.

The Phillies have got to be concerned about the possibility of persistent knee problems for Lidge. After all, they were hoping that he would shore up the bullpen this season. It was the acquisition of Lidge that allowed the Phillies to move Brett Myers back into the rotation. Could Myers head back to the 'pen if Lidge's knee continues to be problematic? That would require the Phils to go out and sign a free agent starter, since there isn't much depth at all in their farm system.

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