Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For Baseball Newbies...

Since starting this blog, I've realized that most baseball blogs out there tend to assume that the reader has a very advanced level of baseball. In fact, most sites out there deal with specific details about individual teams and players, which to the baseball nut out there is awesome, but it's less than ideal for most casual fans out there. In an effort to be fair to everyone out there, I will be starting a new column here aimed specifically at new or only causl baseball fans called...drum roll, please...Rookie Ball.

In this column, I will attempt to cover things about the baseball that may seem confusing if you didn't already know a lot about the game, such as the proponderence of statistics (article coming soon!), the importance of the past and history, tips on how to become a baseball fan, and anything else that strikes my fancy. If you ever have a question for me or would like to know something about a topic having to do with baseball, feel free to email me at slowjo01@gettysburg.edu. That being said, look out for the first Rookie Ball article to be coming your way soon!

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