Saturday, February 23, 2008

Goodbye and Good Riddance

I'll admit it, when the Matt Garza for Delmon Young trade first went through, I was saddened. Ever since I started rooting for the team, Delmon Young had been proclaimed to be the future of the Devil Rays, a 40 HR-per-year cornerstone to build the franchise around. The trade almost felt like Andrew Friedman and Stuart Sternberg were ripping our future away from us after only having him for one season. But then I blinked and hey, life began looking better already. We got some awesome players in return for him and there was always talk that he was a bad clubhouse presence.

Well, now this comes to light and I have to say, I'm very glad that the Delmon Young Era is done and finished in Tampa. Apparently Delmon can't keep his mouth shut, even though he's not on the Rays anymore. What strikes me the most about this whole "he-said" shenanigans is the fact that Crawford got pissed, which is something you very rarely see. Apparently Delmon wasn't too well liked in the D-Rays clubhouse last year at all, though no one admitted it at the time.

So Delmon can just add his name to the list of bad attitude players that trashed the Rays after leaving, joining the illustrius ranks of Aubrey Huff and Toby Hall. I suppose we may regret trading him away if he goes out and smashes 30 HRs this year and has an amazing career, but at this point, I'm just thankful to be rid of his attitude. We have a surplus of OF talent and I'm very excited to see Garza in action. Delmon is going to regret leaving once the Rays finish the year with a better record than the Twins (which is definitely possible at this point)....

I hope he gets boo-ed when the Twins are in town.

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