Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moises Alou update

This seems to be the end of Moises Alou's Major League Baseball career. In a post-game conference following the Mets' victory over the Giants today, Omar Minaya announced that Alou has a torn hamstring for which the team has recommended surgery. Alou will miss the rest of the season. At his advanced age, and considering his long history of injury problems, it seems impossible that he will play in a game again at the Major League level. If so, a solid career has come to an end. However, despite his impressive and consistent numbers throughout this career, Alou will go down in history as first-and-foremost the left fielder who looked up to the stands angrily after Steve Bartman attempted to catch a foul ball at Wrigley Field (although Alou stated this year that he would not have caught that ball with or without Bartman there).

Goodbye, Moises Alou. You'll never have to urinate on your hands in lieu of batting gloves again.

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